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[R*] Application - TheRock_Kolta
« on: July 15, 2018, 00:12:27 am »
Ingame nickname:

On which Argonath servers are you active:

What is your Argonath Forums profile link:;u=6081

Real age:

General gaming experience (days/months/years):
Been playing games since my father gifted me my first Sony Playstation 1 back in 2001 (Aged 6).
Fall in love with gaming which later became an addiction. Nowdays I try to steal time and take a break from reality to spend my time gaming.
After console gaming, I had the chance to get over to PC gaming which I stick to. I enjoyed playing AoE/EA/Counter Strike as Lan party with my friends.
Later when I built my first pc I stuck with GTA Universe related multiplayer mods.

Argonath gaming experience (days/months/years):
My Argonath journey starts back in 2007-2008.
I had issues running MTA:VC back then and I turned to VC:MP. There I used to play for a server called =RebelMafia= shortly after it was gone I started playing Argonath RPG which at that time was and still is the most active VC:MP server. I played under the name =RM=GhostDog, I usually kept getting kicked or mocked at for the =RM= server but I didn't put it down. I stayed around VC-MP under that name just for a short time before I had upgraded my PC and I was finally capable of running GTA:SA.
I turned to MTA:SA DM PreAlpha at that time, where I found a familiar name. It was Argonath RPG. I joined and I was greeted by Matute who told me about SA:MP. I then installed SA:MP, I was amazed by the server, friendly people.. Argonath RPG was on Official Tab back then, I stuck around and made a lot of friends. I was greeted by Pancher who later that week issued me a passport and Inkognito did my driving lesson exam. I kept playing till Argonath SA:MP was just something within my daily routine. I was anxious to finish school just to come back home and play with my friends. I had few breaks here and then mainly due to growing up and having more responsibilities, someone gotta pay the bills. Though even after so many years, I still think of Argonath as my second home. It taught me many things, made many friends and it prepared me for real life. Being part of the SA:MP Admin team for few years was also a nice experience which helped me on the way I deal with things and taught me that everything can be dealt with a simple discussion. To this day I am still around, playing Argonath SA:MP when I find some spare time!

Have you ever been banned on one of the Argonath servers:
No, never!

Rate your RPG skills:
7/10, always on mood for something fun!

Rate your team skills:
8/10 I enjoy working within a team!

Why do you want to join the [R*]clan:
Since I first started playing Argonath, RockStars always had that 'elite' look to me. After so many years, I thought I'd give it a try and join few friends of mine.

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Re: [R*] Application - TheRock_Kolta
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2018, 22:35:23 pm »
Good luck man

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Re: [R*] Application - TheRock_Kolta
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2018, 21:42:33 pm »
Are you still interested in your application?
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